Tips to Retain Your Chat Partner on LuckyCrush

Tips to Retain Your Chat Partner on LuckyCrush

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On random chat sites, guys tend to be “nexted” up to 10 times more than girls. As a reminder, random chat sites are chat sites that randomly connect two users through live video chat and on which a simple click on “next” allows to instantly switch to another partner randomly selected.

Whilst it’s not a hard task for girls to retain their male partners on random chat sites and apps, it can be really tricky for guys to do so. But when we see the behavior of some guys… it’s quite easy to understand why. Don’t worry guys, in this article, we’ll give you the keys to retain your chat partner and avoid a “next”.

Even on LuckyCrush, where guys are only matched with girls thanks to an automatic gender filter, it’s easy to get “nexted” by your crush if you don’t come across as a cool guy.

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Show Your Face

On random chat sites, a lot of people choose not to show their face. This is their right and may provide them with a greater security and confidentiality feeling. However, according to a survey we made among our female members, 80% of them admitted they systematically ‘next’ guys who don’t show their face.

Send a Catchy and Differentiating First Message

Avoid short messages but send something that will make your partner feel comfortable. Don’t forget that this is a random chat site and that it can be full of surprises, good ones as well as bad ones. It’s important you show your partner you’re a good person at first sight and generate trust. Don’t hesitate to include some humor. This is likely to decrease the stress generated by the random match-making.

It’s also a good idea not to use the same conversation starter with every girl you chat to, as this can quickly become boring and you might even start to confuse conversations if you’ve connected with many girls! Have fun with your messages and be creative when you ask first questions.

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Don’t Be Rude

Avoid sending rude messages as soon as you are matched with your random partner. This can seem REALLY obvious. But it unfortunately remains an important part of messages sent by men when the chat starts.

Act as You Would Do With a Person in Real Life

What often makes the chat awkward is that a lot of guys behave differently only because this is an anonymous online chat site and it isn’t much of a risk when being straightforward or rude. The best way to generate trust and comfort on your partner’s side is to behave the same way you would if you were meeting her walking in the street.

Don’t be tricked by the fact that you’re separated by a screen, if you’re using a webcam to video chat with girls, they will pick up on your facial expressions and mannerisms, so be polite, complementary and definitely look interested!

Listen and Respond

Some girls are more straightforward, and others need a bit of time to get comfortable talking. In either situation, whether you’re in for some fun & laughs or whether you just want to chat, listening to your partner is important, as well as responding to what she says. This will make her feel understood, and will help build a level of trust which will keep her interested in chatting with you.

Use Open Ended Questions

A sure way to avoid awkward conversations is to never ask ‘yes or no’ questions when you chat with girls. This makes it hard for some people to respond and can affect the flow of your conversation. Instead, go for open ended questions which will encourage your partner to chat more freely about themselves, making them feel more comfortable. In return, you’ll learn more about them and have more to connect on.

Avoid Asking Personal Questions

This might seem like an obvious statement, but naturally we are curious creatures. Many users online are aware and conscious not to share personal details or information with people they’ve just met, so refrain from asking your partner questions which are too specific (like where they live, work or hang out). It might seem innocent to you, but it could put up a barrier between you and your partner. The best way to keep a girl interested is to ask general questions, and let her reveal details when she feels comfortable to do so.

Finally, Don’t Try Too Hard

It’s natural to want to make a good first impression, but the best way to go about doing this is to be yourself. Most girls can tell if a guy is showing off or putting on a show to impress their partner, and whilst some girls might enjoy that, the majority are looking for someone genuine to connect and have fun with.

By being yourself, you will have a much easier time connecting with a girl as you won’t have to keep up a persona, and she will appreciate that you’re being honest and genuine. It will also take some pressure off you, so both of you can feel relaxed and comfortable.  

Having a random chat with girls is certainly fun and exciting, and with sites like LuckyCrush offering the chance to meet girls around the world, you definitely won’t be stuck for choices. When you do come across a girl that you like, keep in mind the tips above and you’ll significantly reduce your chances of being ‘nexted’!

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Nathalie Williams

Nathalie Williams

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