Guys! Discover the best places to chat with girls online

Guys! Discover the best places to chat with girls online

If you are an hetero guy between 18 and 99 years old, you have probably already used internet to search girls to chat with. Whether it’s to find love or simply flirting you may have used chat rooms, social networking sites, random video chat sites, chat sites and chat apps to find hot girls to chat with. However, we all know it: The internet is full of guys looking for girls, often in much higher proportion than girls looking for guys. But no worries! In the following articles, we share with you guys the best places to find girls to chat with.

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LuckyCrush: The Random Video Chat That Only Connects Guys With Girls.

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LuckyCrush is the best random video chat site if you want to only chat with girls. A random video chat site is a chat site that randomly connects two users through live video chat where a simple click on “next” allows to instantly change partner. LuckyCrush has been built as an alternative to Omegle, Chatroulette, Chatrandom and other random chat sites where male users often have to click “next” hundreds of times before they match with a female partner.

On LuckyCrush, guys only match with girls and vice-versa. Furthermore, registrations are regulated so that there is always approximately 50% of girls and 50% of guys online. This avoid guys and girls waiting too much before getting matched with a partner.

The other advantage of LuckyCrush is that this is a chat site reserved for adults which means you can use it for basic flirting but also to have kinky chats with random opposite-sex partners. To be transparent, most people there are even here for that purpose. So your chat partners will probably not be surprised if you have something naughty in mind...

One year after launch, it has more than 1 million members from 100+ countries and is in constant growth. You can try it out for free without registration. So it will only take you a few seconds to discover this new amazing experience.

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Chat Sites and Apps

Chat rooms:

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Traditional chat rooms are places where you can connect with groups of people based on your interests. Examples of these include, e-chat,, chatzy, and chattblink. These old school chat sites were the first chat experiences over the internet and opened up online conversations. Users could choose to chat on the public groups or forums, or start private conversations, but most only provided the text chat feature instead of video calling.

If you want to get to know a girl better through a chat site, try launching a private conversation about a topic you're both interested in, and from there you can connect on the things you have in common.

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Random chat sites and apps

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The first random chat site created is Chatroulette, which came out in 2010. Sites like this offer the chance for two users to be randomly connected to each other, in a one on one setting through live video chat. Some popular random chat sites include Omegle, Chatrandom, Chatroulette, CamSurf, ChatSpin and Azar, and many of them are available now in an app form for easy accessibility.

Although the basis of these sites is being ‘randomly’ connected to another user, some offer filters such as gender, country and language options, so members can reduce the randomness in which they are partnered with someone. The fact that there still remains randomness to the partner you’re given makes random chat sites a great way to video chat with girls, and the beauty is that you’ll be paired with people you probably would never have met otherwise.

When using a random chat site, you aren’t obliged to show your face on camera, but if you do it will increase your chances of meeting girls. Many people in general prefer to see the person they’ve been randomly paired with, and it helps to build trust more quickly.

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Messaging apps


Messaging apps are one of the most common ways that people keep in touch with family and friends. Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp and Viber make sending messages,  pictures, videos and audio notes quick and easy, and the feature of being able to video call through these apps makes them highly popular.

You might not necessarily meet new girls through these platforms, but they’re a great way to keep the conversation ‘hot’ when you meet a girl on a chat site or dating app, for example. Exchanging details to keep in touch through a messaging app is the next step in creating a stronger, more trusting relationship with someone you have met online.

If you want to meet girls online from around the world through chat sites, whether random or not, it’s important not to be rude or too direct. It might seem tempting to want to flirt straight away, but some people need a little bit of time to warm up and get to know their partner first. Don’t be in too much of a rush, take your time to get to know her a little and then you can take things further if you both feel comfortable to do so!

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Dating Sites and Apps

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Dating sites have boomed in the last couple of years, and have quickly evolved from the role of traditional matchmaker. Now, guys and girls who are interested in casual meet-ups without necessarily wanting a relationship can easily meet partners through a dating app.

Traditional dating sites such as EHarmony and Match are designed for people looking to find true love and relationships, whereas apps like Tinder, Hinge and Plenty of Fish give members the opportunity to casually meet people, whether for friendship, fun or more.

Apps like Tinder provide lots of random choices, with some filters in place if you want to control the distance of your search range. By swiping on a partner's picture, you base your interactions on matching with someone, and often this is decided quickly after a glance at their profile picture. Apps like this are exciting because interactions move quite quickly, and there’s often a huge database of people waiting to be viewed all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

So you’ve swiped right on a girl and she’s done the same, it’s a match! What happens next? Well, if you want to be successful in approaching girls on dating sites and apps, it’s always a good idea to start off with an interesting conversation opener.

Girls, especially hot girls, will receive many messages from guys, so you need to stand out and be creative. Generic openers probably won’t catch a girl's eye, so try starting by asking her a question or making a joke about her interests, this will engage her and she’ll be more likely to respond. It will also show her that you took the time to read her profile, making you a more exciting candidate compared to other guys.

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Social networks

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Social networks are platforms where people can connect with friends and family, share updates, send messages and meet new people. Most people are familiar with popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Although they were first intended as a way to keep in touch with friends from around the world and make communication easier, meeting girls through social networks is common and often start with a simple friend request or direct message.

Facebook and Instagram in particular are popular tools to chat with girls, and the great thing is you already get to learn a lot about them from their profile. This gives you something to talk about straight away, as you can see pictures and posts she has shared and you don’t have to start a conversation completely in the dark.

A great tip for starting a conversation with a girl on her social network is to first follow/friend her, and engage with the things she shares. That can be in the form of liking her pictures, or commenting when she shares a link or meme. If you want to begin with a direct message, start by introducing yourself. It helps if you have a nice, up-to-date profile which she can also check out, as this will reassure her that you are a genuine person worth messaging back.

During your chats, make sure to refer to things you’ve seen on her profile, and share with her things that you are interested in. Social media networks make it so easy to share things with each other, so you can really understand a person’s sense of humour, likes and dislikes, and hobbies very quickly.

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Adult Webcam Show Sites

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These sites are a bit special. There you won’t have an intimate chat with a real amateur girl as you can have on LuckyCrush, Skype or any social network. Here girls are actually camgirls, which means professional models offering erotic peep shows on live cam show sites for money. You will have to buy credits and to give them credits to get the interaction you want. These are also called “sex cam” sites.

These sites are more a kind of adult entertainment than a chat experience. Members are in a public room with all the other users watching the camgirl performing a porn show. If they pay more credits, they can have a private show and chat with the model for a few seconds or minutes. But as I said before, it looks more like a virtual peep show than a real life relationship.

Examples of these sites include Cam4, Chaturbate, MyFreeCam or LiveJasmin. Compared to meeting girls on other chat sites and social networks, these websites are used more for pleasure and short term interactions.

The chances are if you visit these sites, your interest lies more in watching girls or getting a bit naughty yourself. If you do happen to start chatting with a camgirl, the same rules apply as if you were meeting over a social network or dating site. Be polite and respectful, and be mindful that the camgirl is providing a service.

Whether you’re interested in meeting girls online for some naughty fun and flirting, or if you’d like to make friends and potentially find love, there are many platforms to choose from. Now that you’ve got a good idea of how to approach girls accordingly, the world is your oyster!

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Nathalie Williams

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